The term 'digital marketing' is not easy to nail down. Digital marketing is in a constant state of change. Our simple description for this is anything that promotes, engages or utilizes a digital audience. Digital Lighthouse provides digital marketing services that keep up with today's demanding world. Marketing strategies such as email marketing, social media pages, or ads on YouTube are all a form of digital marketing. We continue to look at trends and develop the skills that keep us on the digital horizon.


After listening to and talking with local business owners, we noticed that there had become a gap. This gap consisted of not knowing how or not enough time in the day to use these products or services. Small businesses miss crucial opportunities to Get Discovered to potential customers when they don’t have an online presence. Digital Lighthouse provides you with an innovative yet common sense approach to your marketing plan. Generating plans that drive traffic to both your business and website.

We provide digital marketing services that make the most sense for you. We know your business is not like any other company out there. That's why our online marketing services are created just for you!  We’re not here to sell you services you don't need because it is more than a service. Digital Lighthouse is here to provide you with a company asset that will last you for years.


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