Social media has changed the way people interact with your business. According to, "The average person will spend nearly 2 hours on social media a day." So consider this the next time you haven't posted on Facebook or Twitter since you first launched your business page since 2010. Social media marketing has become a tremendous asset for small, medium, and large companies. If you are not maintaining at least a sliver of a presence, you're drowning in missed opportunities. 


Small businesses & organizations need to utilize social media much more because they have to compete with local and online competition for attention. Yes, social media is a daunting place to maintain and be active on; however, this is also a great way to be yourself. Digital Lighthouse wants our clients to be themselves online and believe this is where small business can gain a competitive edge. You can create a truly unique social media presence and not be tied down by corporate rules. Used effectively social media marketing is essential for your long-term business goals. Digital Lighthouse can help you implement, create, and share your voice. Let us help you with


  • Social Media Start Up & Implementation

  • Social Media Guidance 

  • Posts and Sharing 

  • Topic Ideation

  • Advertising On Social Channels

  • "Live" Event Coverage

  • Local Optimizations


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